How to find the perfect color palette

Being a cartoonist at heart, colour has always … [Continue Reading]


Creating your own iPhone app

Reading one of my favourite online magazines last … [Continue Reading]


Good design vs good SEO

Once upon a time, website designers only had to … [Continue Reading]



Some great design blog and e-zine articles

It seems Design Drops wasn’t the only blog thinking about fonts and typography in the past week. A quick read around the blogiverse come up with some fantastic font and typography-related posts at some of the most popular design-related blogs and e-zines. Hongkiat looked into Fonts Used in Logos of Popular Brands, and admitted that with thousands of [...]


5 great new fonts

Some people dream about winning the lottery, or finding the perfect partner, or landing the killer job. Me, I dream about designing the perfect font. It would be sans serif, and have applications for both business and personal use. It would be more professional than  arial or verdana, but at the same time be as cheeky [...]


Dribbble. Inspiring or incestuous?

It’s been about a year since Dribbble left beta and entered the real (online) world. According to its own PR, Dribble is “show and tell for creatives”. It’s a place for designers to post small shots of what they are working on (400×300 pixels) and for other members to give feedback. A social network for designers, if [...]


Design links to amuse and inspire

Here at Design Drops, we realise that this is not the only thing online that designers enjoy, so we thought we’d share some links that we have been reading lately. It’s hard to go past, a hilarious contributor-driven blog about the kinds of requests/discussion/suggestions that designers have to put up with every day. Some [...]


Top 10 logo designs 2010

So, we’re a little late with this one, it being nearly the end of February 2011, but we’ve been taking our time mulling over some fantastic logos created worldwide during 2010. It was a tough decision, but being entirely subjective and based on nothing but our opinion, we’d like to offer you Design Drops top [...]